Sally Dean is a Marshfield, Massachusetts artist who works out of her studio in her back yard.

Sally is a graduate of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and has a BFA from Tufts University. As well as painting Sally works in mixed media and mosaic. She has been the Education Coordinator at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA, since 2002. Sally has developed an arts program with at - risk teens from Crossroads for Kids with Camp Wing in Duxbury, as well as facilitating a monthly respite art program at the museum for people in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She has been artist in residence creating murals and mosaics at the Plymouth South Elementary School, and the Bay Farm Montessori Academy in Duxbury. Sally has been an art teacher for the last 12 summers at Summer Arts at Derby Academy. There are 11 permanent mosaics in the lobby of the school created by Sally and her campers. She is an active member of the North River Arts Society in Marshfield and recently became a gallery artist at the South Shore Art Center. Sally was selected to represent the 10th Congressional District in Massachusetts, designing an ornament for the 2008 White House Christmas tree.

  Artist Statement:

Making art is something I do because I love the process. The ritual of making paintings or mixed media pieces-- the mystery of the journey from idea to completion--is never boring to me. Each piece is a new unchartered adventure.

     My materials often change depending on what I’m doing and when. I might have a new set of paints, beautiful paper to paint on, exciting collage elements, or a book or website that sparks something in me.  A song can start a painting. The work I do in my studio is passionate and bright. Bold pure colors excite me. Subconscious narratives emerge. I know when I’m on the right track when I am fearless.



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